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Get artistic inspiration and be taught by visual artist Lotte Kjøller in her own Atelier in Copenhagen. I teach drawing / painting in small groups of max. 6 people in own studio. The idea is that the student receives more intensive teaching in small groups in the artist's own workshop; i.e. in authentic and inspiring surroundings, just as you will find it in Atelier In addition, I provide one-to-one tuition. Read about courses and events on the other links in the menu.


The teaching is based on you and what you need to be able to either get started or move on with your art. I teach based on your images and the problems and challenges that you experience in your work with them.

I teach both the brand new beginner but also like to knit a teaching course together only for you who want one-on-one teaching to learn something very specific. For example, you may be a student in the art educations who needs help with an assignment. The girl on the right is just a design student who had to learn to draw croquis to pass her task. One-on-one tuition costs DKK 600 per hour. If you can share the space with 3 people, it costs DKK 350 per hour for both young people and adults.


It may also be that you have painted a little on your own and need to learn some painting techniques and color theory so you can get on with your pictures.


There are also drawings and basic courses for you who must learn to draw for both the experienced and you who want to learn it from scratch and must find your own style - whether you are young or adult.


These pictures are of a design student who had to learn to draw a croquis to pass his task. She received one-on-one instruction in Drawing and Painting School Atelier Lk-kunst located in Vanløse, Copenhagen.

If you want to contact Lotte Kjøller regarding teaching, email or call: tel: +45 28780309 or email: You can also fill in the form at the bottom of the page.


  • The teaching teams are shorter and more expensive as there is only max. 4 corona tested or vaccinated students on 1 team.
  • Teachers and models are always corona vaccinated.
  • We therefore expect our students to be able to present a new negative corona attests.
  • To take the best care of us all.

First and last pictures of my student. After 1 year of teaching in Lk-kunst. Isn't she good?


  • Workshops at all levels, whether you are a beginner,
  • easily practiced or practiced
  • drawing, acrylic painting and watercolor teaching
  • qualified teaching and sparring
  • teaching various drawing and painting techniques
  • teaching color theory
  • art historical and contemporary artistic inputs and inspiration
  • togetherness and fellowship with like-minded creatives
  • here you can paint your own motifs or by model and get inspiration to get on with them
  • if you do not have materials, they can e.g. can be bought here:
  • Registration for the individual course takes place no later than one week before the course starts, but otherwise you can send an email to hear if there are vacancies.
  • Bring materials. You must bring materials yourself unless otherwise stated on the course (canvas, paper, brushes, colors, cartoons, etc.).
  • Facilities. There are easels, painting tables, chairs, table, access to make tea and coffee, refrigerator for storing brought food and drinks, mugs and cutlery.
  • In the workshop you will be able to work with drawing, acrylic and watercolor paints.


Apparently it's Gift Time! If you are missing a personal gift for someone you care about, then maybe it was something with a course in live drawing, painting or a basic course. You can be issued a gift card by contacting Lotte Kjøller at

Lk @ Lk-kunst or tel: +45 2878 0309 against prior payment.



Teacher and Visual Artist Lotte Kjøller:

1992: Painted in my own studio, and thus began my career as a visual artist.

Study stay in Paris ½ year to study art at the Ecole Des Beaux Artes.

Entered a 3-year master's course with visual artist Jeff Ibbo from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from 1992-95, and thereby changed direction within my art.

1993: Admitted to the University of Copenhagen, Department of Art History. Substitute for drawing teacher Jeff Ibbo, FOF, Køge in croquis.

1994: Passed 1 year test at Copenhagen. University, Art History. Adult Pedagogical course. Employed as a drawing teacher in croquis for FOF for 4 years, and as a guest teacher at the Art Museum "Køge Sketch Collection". Taught at FOF painting school in Køge.

1995: Got a breakthrough with my paintings by getting through the eye of the needle to the Artists' Autumn Exhibition, The Free Exhibition Building in Copenhagen and now my artistic career really took off.

Became a member of Billedkunstners Forbund BKF.

2002: Debuted as an illustrator for Adil Erdem's collection of poems "Places in Dreams" and became a member of the Danish Writers' Association. 2009: Debuted as a Poet for "Wordless" 2004 to now:

Took an education as a Social and Health Assistant in 2004, I have used to, among other things, teach the elderly and disabled in drawing and painting.

Also provides private lessons in drawing and painting from my studio in Vanløse.

Begins to provide special education for young people who want to enter art schools or academy students who need to learn to draw croquis.

2016-2021: Conducts events for

Has exhibited many meritorious places both in Denmark and abroad. See more here on my website:

tel: +45 2878 0309 mail:


I now have many years of experience in providing drawing and painting lessons from evening schools, art schools and occupational therapy, and now provide private one-on-one tuition as you can see below. I teach drawing and painting for those who want personally oriented one-on-one teaching and for small groups of max 3 people.


When I teach a single student at a time, it is because, it gives the best, and most personally targeted result. Here the student can help to decide exactly what he / she wants to learn. We can go in depth with drawing and drawing techniques, or painting and the process of working oneself from sketch to painting. I take as my starting point the student's level, desires and resources, and guide the student to become a better artist or painter, and to gain an insight into the universe of color.


Of course, I also do this in group teaching. That is why I teach in small groups of max 3 people so the student can still get more intensive teaching on the small teams. I emphasize that being creative must also be a game. I always try to let the student find (or keep) his own style, and provide guidance for both abstract and figurative art; where the student's interest is located. I handle all drawing techniques, and specialize especially in croquis, drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting. I do not teach oil painting. The teaching takes place in my studio, Bogholder Allé 66, Vanløse, in Copenhagen, where you as a student come to teaching.


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Visual artist company by artist Lotte Kjoeller

Billedkunstnervirksomhed v. kunstner Lotte Kjøller


Bybjergvej 19 2 th

2970 Hoersholm



Tel: + (45) 2878 0309

CVR: 37305294

Lotte Kjøller er billedkunstner, kongelig hofmaler, prinsesse og kendis.


 Lotte Kjoeller is visual artist, Royal Court painter, princess and celebrity.


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If you would like to attend one of my courses, you must send your email, address and telephone and course name to me, Lotte Kjøller, at and you will be told how to pay.


Registration for Lotte Kjøller: or on +45 28780309

Price of course is on course info

one-to-one tuition DKK 600 per hour

group tuition DKK 350 per person and 200 for more than 8-10 people (see course info).

Prices are without lunch for full-day courses and possibly. model salary.

Get a DKK 200 discount on your second and following multi-day courses.

we speak english!


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It is not allowed to steal photos from this page without permission. Theft is punishable!

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